Edwin Soh

Senior Marketing Director

I’ve been practicing real estate for close to

5 years now. 
I've assisted numerous buyers (turn investors & friends) attain their financial goals through real estate with my in-depth analysis, whilst carefully balancing their commitment with a safety net.

Coming from a humble background, (living in a HDB flat 2 bedroom, my parents split up before I could walk) I understand the need to work extra hard in order to move up from my social bracket to provide a better lifestyle for my family.


I started my career with the Singapore Police Force by attending to “999” calls before being tasked with the duty of protecting the VVIPs of Singapore. 

After selling my 1st BTO, I saw the gains that can be achieved from choosing the right property and decided to dedicate myself to studying real estate investment principles and strategies

My next property is one of the TOP performing developments that enjoy the highest capital gains.

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"Drawing from my own experiences coupled with in-depth research, I was able to advise fellow investors on ways to minimise risk in their investments, maximise capital gains and spot undervalued properties. 

Let's chat over Zoom or coffee." 

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